Monday, March 7, 2011


When I moved to Italy I was amazed by the huge variety of food they have here. I loved almost everything, but fennel was not on this list for a long time. Today however it is one of my favorite vegetables. I absolutely love it cooked with butter and salt, but this way of cooking it is truly amazing as well.

Ingredients for 2:
4 bigger fennel bulbs
around 10-15 tablespoons of breadcrumbs
1-2 cloves of garlic (depends on the taste)
2 peperoncino (very small hot pepper)
small bunch of fresh parsley
salt, black pepper
olive oil
1. Cut the fennel in 8 pieces and cook them in boiling water. Salt and coat them with olive oil.
2. Crush and mix the remained ingredients in food processor. Mix with the cooled fennel.
3. Coat a dish with some olive oil, place the fennel in it, pour some oil on the top and put it in preheated oven until the breadcrumbs start to get golden.


Mattia will turn 10 months on the 18th. Time flies so fast that we have to count to remember how many months have passed since his birth. Oh, yes, it has been 19 months ago! He is a splendid little boy with huge, beautiful blue eyes that take you from your feet. He is a fantastic eater, his prefers are yogurt and of course pasta - with zucchini. He loves to smile, he loves when Giacomo and Samuele pay attention to him. He cannot say no to the vacuum cleaner - he admires it! His favorite toys are: measuring cups, mixing spatulas, remote, cellphones, the pedal of the piano, Giacomo's schoolbag with all paper stuff in it, actually any kind of paper that can melt in the mouth, dirt of the plants, electric devices, garbage and everything that is NOT a toy (fortunately he hasn't discovered the toilet brush yet). Here is Mattia at 10 months

Pictures from here and there

It was the first time that I have tried to make grow some vegetables - on the balcony. Well, cherry tomatoes. They turned out really well. Sweet and 100% biological!

Bassano del Grappa - Christmas 2010

During Christmas we went to Bassano with Emanuel's parents to show them the city. It is only a 30 min drive, and we have been there in 2008. At that time we took a picture of Giacomo and Samuele. Now we took another one at the same place and in the same position to see the changes. Well, time flies and they are growing up too fast!

Mattia with extra ears in Bassano

Who is there?

Emanuel's parents

Il ponte degli Alpini - from where the soldiers left for war



Near to the Alps

Another try

I'll give another try to write the blog also in English, so you can follow it. I haven't been able to download picture, now it seems the problem is not existent any more. Here are 2 fotos of us.

Samuele, Giacomo, Mattia before going to bed

Samuele and Giacomo with their tired mom