Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ready for Carnevale!!

Carbevale is on our doorstep. Next week, to be exact. I have been looking for some custumes for the boys, since the ones form last year are not in a good shape any more. I have been to a lot of stores, but all of them have superhigh prices. The costumes start at around 30 euros. I refuse t o pay 50-60 euros for two costumes, so I looked for some solutions on the net. This way I found an announcement on the army base. A lady was selling 2 halloween costumes for 15 euros!! Of course I got them, aslo, because the kids loved them. So, are you ready? Here is the 2010 carnevale show:

Giacomo, aka Power Ranger

Samuele, aka dinosaur-dragon
(According to him he is Rudy form Ice Ages 3. Scary, isn't he?)

Our super heroes

Ah, I have a costume for 3 more months, only, that this costume grows day by day!!!! I have 96 days left...I wish we were in May! Here I am - 27 weeks:


Peg and Crew said...

che bella, Kornelia!!! You look amazing!