Saturday, February 6, 2010


A few weeks ago Emanuel went to Sicily for 4 days. It was cold outside, it was rainy and I had a wild idea: why don't I make gnocchi with the kids? I know, it is a suicide, since at the end there are more on the floor than on the table, but the boys were very excited about it. And they were super good at it! Look:

Of course, you can tell if a gnocchi is good when you taste it. We made it with a simple tomato sauce and it was gone fast.


2 potatoes per person


1. Cook the potatoes with their skin. Let them cool and clean them. Crush them.
2. Mix with flour, use as much as they need, don't use too much becasue the dough will become sticky.
3. Make long "snakes" and cut them with a knife.
4. Cook them it salty, boiling water and when they come on the surface throw them in the sauce.

Sauce options: tomato sauce; butter, sage and parmesan; olive oil and parmesan; basil pesto


Kaja said...

okay, i seriously want to make this! wish me luck.. if i succeed i think my husband will love me forever :) (he better already, but you know what i mean..haha)

Peg and Crew said...

I will try this also. My family LOVES when I cook all the meals I made because you taught me....I only don't know how to find saffron for riso alla milanese...

Do I peel the potatoes after cooked?

Kornelia ed Emanuel said...

Yes, you have to peel the potatoes, and don't worry about the saffron, I'll send you some.