Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas 2009

This year we went to Terni for 4 days to celebrate Christmas with Emanuel's family. As a tradition, on the 24th we went to his grandma for dinner and stayed until Santa's visit, who brought a few gifts for the kids - the rest we found under the tree the next morning. .

At our home

My prides

Shy Samuele

Giacomo and Betto (Emanuel's brother)
Don't you think they look alike (Giacomo and Betto)?

December 25th

Monday, January 4, 2010


The week before Christmas we had snow for 2 days. As a rare opportunity we took advantage of it and went slegh riding, we built a snowman and had a snowball fight.

Eva, Samuele, Giacomo and Caterina
(The two neighbour girls)

Friday, January 1, 2010

We are back.

It seems like 2009 has brought away my sickness ans 2010 has brought back our internet connection - how did we live without internet or even cellphones, does someone remember? Sooo, everything is fine here, I know, I know, I am suppose dto catch up, but you know that I won't. I post some pictures of the past few months, at least you can see what the boys are like. Our news: it seems like we are having the third musketeer!! Our report:


Giacomo, the captain

He is the big boy, don't dare to forget that! If you do, he will tell you right away. He talks A LOT. Actually the miracle is, if he is silent. He goes to the gym twice a week, he has been very happy about it and he is also very good at it. He loves to go to preschool, draws very well and loves to write. He loves to explain things and amazes us with his reasoning.


Samuele, the cute captain

Since he knows that we are having another baby, you can't call him small any more. He is the middle one. He is the singer in the family, instead of talking he sings a lot. He loves his preschool and his teacher, la Maestra Titti. He draws pretty pictures, he especially loves to draw mom with his tummy (and never forgets to illustrate also the bra!!!). He goes to the gym with Giacomo to get some muscels.


On the river Bodrog in Hungary

He works and works and works, and if he is actually not working, he is spending time with us. He has been successful at his work and we are very proud of him! In the past five months he has been th cleaning lady, the ironing lady, the baby sitter, the nurse ... and the list goes on! Thank you!


In the backgroung: the Szepes castle

While Emanuel did all my jobs at home I have spent all my time running --- betweek my bed and the toilet. When I was feeling better I tried to the groceries and I was and I am the constant taxi driver in the morning and afternoon for the boys. I can't wait for May to have our third addition in my arms.

A few summer pictures:

In the tower of the Diosgyor castle in Hungary

Getting dry at the Balaton lake

On the Tisza river

Best buddies

The destiny of fathers??

Just the two of us - hiking in Slovakia

At the Szepes castle