Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bake these, right now!

Croissant, cornetto, brioche, etc. These are my kids' latest favorites. And said that, they are my new passion. I don't want my children to eat all kinds of artificial stuff, so I have been looking for recipes to prepare these real treats. I have found several of them, but please, I beg you: try the flollowing one!! (I found it on an Italian foodblog, and the next one to try will be the croissant.) They are soft, moist, not sweet and not salty, you can eat them with just butter, or jam, or some ham or however you want to! Run in the kitchen and make them!


500 g of flour (if it is possible, use half and half all purpose and cake flour)
150 ml water
20 g fresh yeast
60 g softened butter
40 g lard (or you can use only butter)
2 eggs
30 g sugar
10 g salt

1 egg to put on the top


1. Mix 150 g flour with 90 ml water and the yeast and let it rise for 1 hour.
2. Make a dough with the risen base mixture and all the other ingredients. Knead it for 20 minutes. (I trhew everything in the bread making machine and it made all the work.) Let it rise for 90 minutes.
3. Roll it into a disk on floured surface around 1 cm thick. Cut it into 16 "cake slices". Take a slice and roll it a little bit lenghthwise, then roll it up starting from the wider side.
4. Bend it a little bit to give it a shape and put it on baking paper with the seal down.
5. Let them rise for 50 minutes, brush them with 1 well beaten egg and bake them in preheated oven at 200 °C.


Peg said...

Kornelia!! I miss Italy!! How are you and your family?! I'll have to surprise Ben with these!

LeAnn Bird said...

I am Tyler Packard's mom LeAnn and love to cook. Thanks for posting this roll recipe. I have a recipe for a great focaccia and bagette recipe you might be interested in. I will have Lisa post it on their blog or have access to mine.

Kaja said...

Those look amazing! I've also decided that I need metric measuring cups... I'll just have to do some calculations or something - if i can remember how :)