Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Samuele!

Samuele is 3 years old today! Time flies, doesn't it? Samuele took his time coming to this earth - he was born 1 week late...I remember that my tummy was huge and so heavy. My water broke at 7.30 AM and even at this point he took his time. The contractions did not come until midnight...I was laying in bed in the hospital the whole day waiting. Once decided he sped up and in 2 hours he was born. He was a big boy: 4150 g. He was beautiful and you could tell from the first moment that he is a very sweet baby.

He has maintained all these characteristics in these past 3 years. He always takes his time in whatever he does. Once he made his decision though, he acts fast an precisely. he is very sweet. he always wakes up with a smile. he has a voice like a bird and he likes to sing. He is very smart and learns fast. he already knows and says Giacomo's poems. He likes to be cared of and be in our arms. He is very funny and he makes me laugh every day. He likes to ride the bike. He likes to get flowers for his mom, if it is possible from the flowerbed. He like the animals, especially the sheeps and the sharks. he likes the trains. he likes Spongebob and Kung Fu Panda. He likes to pray and he always gives thanks for a specific food. He likes to go the the nursery on Sundays, He likes to imitate Giacomo. he likes to eat.

Emanuel says:
Samuele is a real "troublemaker"....also, sweet like sugar. He is able to drive you crazy momentarily with his perfect way of making trouble and at the same time your heart melts of his sweetness and caring.
Samuele loves to be cared of. He never gives a negative answer to the question: "Do you want me to hug you?"
Samuele has a talent for singing and learning new songs very fast. He is a happy child usually from the morning.
I am grateful because he forgives right away my mistakes and he is a great techer to me.

We feel very blessed and lucky to have Samuele in our family.
Thank you, Samuele for all you give us!
We love you!
Happy birthday!


Nancy said...

I think I recognize that shirt! Happy birthday Samuele!!