Friday, April 3, 2009

Temple trip, Switzerland, March 2009.

This time Emanuel's parents came with us, so we spent a lot of time together. And I could go to the temple with nice! It is almost a tradition by now that on the way home we stop to see something interesting. This time we chose the Simplon-pass. We drove from Bern toward Thun and arrived at Kandersteg. There we stopped. There was no more road anywhere around us, only the mountains. We had to put the cars on a special train and it took us through a tunnel - it was a 15 minutes ride. On the other side of the mountains we strated to drive higher and higher and higher up to 2000 meters. After a little while the snow appeared and suddenly everything was white. At certain places even the street signs were covered with snow. We were blessed with beautiful wheater and used the last opportunity of the winter (now spring) season to build a snowman and make some snowangels. The trip in pictures:

On the way to Kandersteg:

The tunnel goes through this mountain

The other train has arrived, we are leaving!

Toward the Simplon-pass:

You can see pretty well where the road goes!

Snow everywhere:


Emanuel and his mother...who dares to throw it first?

Samuele is desparate: "Mom!!! Dad!!! I am stuck!!"

The six of us:

Grandma Anna, Grandpa Massimo, Samuele, Giacomo
Kornelia, Emanuel