Thursday, April 23, 2009

My big boy: Giacomo

Giacomo has a huge box filled with his drawings. They are mainly made at home, he likes to draw, to color, especially fishes, bicycles and people. As always, he started to draw during easter Sunday at church. For some reason he misses the snow, as you can see on the drawing. He chose to draw himself in the snowfall with his green hat on his head (check out some fotos to see that). What surprised me was his name in the right corner. He wrote it all by himself without any help. I am a proud mom of this wonderful and smart 4 years old boy! Here is the proof and some other drawings:

Giacomo in the snow

A robot

Una bicicletta

For fathers' day: My father


Nancy said...

Giacomo is a great artist!! I love looking at pictures like this, it's so cute to see what goes on in their heads.