Friday, February 20, 2009

Sleigh riding - Kaberlaba

Finally we had a free Saturday, plus the wheather was beautiful, the air unusually clear, we could see the bright blue sky and the mountains!! We have been planning to take the kids to sleigh riding, and since thes seemed to be a perfect opportunity, we took the car and drove to Asiago. It is true that the climat of Vicenza is really terrible, but its geographis situation is excellent. In an hour we could be in the mountain to ski, or at tha sea to swim or at the Grada lake tp sail - whatever you wish... Anyway, Asiago is around 45 minutes of driving, and 8 km from the downtown is Kaberlaba and here you can find whatever you need. The kids loved it! And us, too. Fortunately they were not allowed to go down by themselves, so we had to ride with them. We stayed until they resisted. At around 3 PM Giacomo said: "Dad, I would like to go home, I am sooo tired!!" And if someone knows Giacomo just a little bit, he would understand the real meaning of this sentence!!! Pictures:


Everybody is ready:

Giacomo and Emanuel on the tapis roulant:

The first ride:

Can you see the two boys?

Now with Mom:


"Mom!! I'll go to look for the snowman!!"


There is always something to do...

Our treasures:

Giacomo is learning to use the camera:

My three men:

The two boys with Mom:

The four of us: