Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow and Asiago

Like everywhere else in Europe, also here we got a lot of snow this year. Considering that we usually don't get any... the Alps get all of it. So, the kids were more than happy to see the white flakes, they went out right away to build a snowman, a fortress they had a snowball fight etc. And once we had the real winter, the cold, ice and snow, we felt like going iceskating. We went to Asiago with the Bird family. Unfortunately we could take a picture only of the smallest champion - maybe because he stayed the shortest time on the ice: about 10 seconds. he said: it is too slippery!! No comment...


Getting warm...

With mom

Here is the 10 seconds iceskating champion!!


Chelsea said...

I served in France (paroisse de Cergy) with E. Petrignani. I was on our mission website and saw that you had a blog.
Can I just say....Beautiful!! Beautiful couple, Beautiful pictures, Beautiful children. Amazing. What a beautiful life you have. I really enjoyed reading on your blog. Glad to see that E. Petrignani is doing so well and has again, a very beautiful family.

Much love,
Chelsea Welling Whitney