Thursday, January 22, 2009

Between Christmas and New Year's Eve

Between Chrsitmas and New Year's Eve Samuele had a fever, so we couldn't go to Monte Baldo (a 1200 m high mountai near to Verona, you can take a ski-lift to go up,), instead we stayed home to get better and rest. We visited though the Monte Berico here in Vicenza and finally, Emanel and I went to see the teatro olimpico, which is the greatest site in Vicenza. It was designed by the architecture Andrea Palladio in the middle of 1500, and this was his last but greatest work. unfortunately he could never see it finished. It still functions as a theater, it was built by the plan of the ancient roman theaters, the background is halfway real, the other half is painted. Well, like always, here are the pictures:

Downtown Vicenza

The view from Monte Berico

A nativity scene at the church on Monte Berico

The four of us

No words...they are just beautiful

The background in the Teatro Olimpico

The ceiling


Kristi said...

I am so happy you are blogging! Your family is beautiful! Email me so I can send you a link to my blog. It's private.

Kristi said...

Sorry, I should remind you, it's Soeur Borland. :o)

Analiese said...

I love your blog! We get to see things on the other side of the world now.