Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow and Asiago

Like everywhere else in Europe, also here we got a lot of snow this year. Considering that we usually don't get any... the Alps get all of it. So, the kids were more than happy to see the white flakes, they went out right away to build a snowman, a fortress they had a snowball fight etc. And once we had the real winter, the cold, ice and snow, we felt like going iceskating. We went to Asiago with the Bird family. Unfortunately we could take a picture only of the smallest champion - maybe because he stayed the shortest time on the ice: about 10 seconds. he said: it is too slippery!! No comment...


Getting warm...

With mom

Here is the 10 seconds iceskating champion!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Between Christmas and New Year's Eve

Between Chrsitmas and New Year's Eve Samuele had a fever, so we couldn't go to Monte Baldo (a 1200 m high mountai near to Verona, you can take a ski-lift to go up,), instead we stayed home to get better and rest. We visited though the Monte Berico here in Vicenza and finally, Emanel and I went to see the teatro olimpico, which is the greatest site in Vicenza. It was designed by the architecture Andrea Palladio in the middle of 1500, and this was his last but greatest work. unfortunately he could never see it finished. It still functions as a theater, it was built by the plan of the ancient roman theaters, the background is halfway real, the other half is painted. Well, like always, here are the pictures:

Downtown Vicenza

The view from Monte Berico

A nativity scene at the church on Monte Berico

The four of us

No words...they are just beautiful

The background in the Teatro Olimpico

The ceiling

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas 2008

On Chrsitmas morning Giacomo noticed that the cookies and the milk we left on the table the previous evening were gone. "He is here, he is here!!! He ate everything, and he has left a letter!!!" Here is grandma Anna reading the letter:

Going closer to the living room - here are the faces as they see the presents:

But how many presents?

Samuele was still sleepy, Giacomo on the other hand was way toooo happy
to take a picture with the tree:

Shall we open a present?

We had with us the Bird family for lunch (we didn't take any pictures together, how sad...),
and here is the appetizer plate:

Parmesan bowl with green beans and speck; toasted bread with truffle salsa; rolled polenta with mozzarella di bufala, spinach and almond; toasted bread with smoked salmon; toasted bread with homemande paté di olive; rolled bread wit eggcream

The decorated table (and I)

After that we made a theater of the nativity. Samuele was Joseph, I played Mary, Giacomo was the innkeeper, the sheperd, the 3 kings, Emanuel was the donkey, the sheep and the camel:

Joseph brings the donkey with the pregnant Mary

The innkeeper doesn't have room at the inn

Here is the king on the camel

We have felt the real spirit of Christmas and we feel very blessed to have Christ in our lives and in our home. Thanks to our two beautiful children for teaching us and letting us stay children too - with them together! Thanks to our family and our dear friends for sharing this holiday with us!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A day-trip to Bolzano

On the 22nd of December we decided to take a look at the decorated town of Bolzano and check out the countrywide famous christmas markets. Here are our fotos:

Kornelia, Giacomo, Samuele, Emanuel

Riding the train at Santa's courtyard

The city hall

Tipical street with the mountains in the background

Austrian style

The hotdog always tastes good wherever we might be!