Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We are back!!

Our vacation is close to its end. For a week we have been home and trying to get back to our everyday life...it is not always easy! We were gone for 5 weeks...for sure, we can feel that. Here is our short "report" - maybe in some other posts, as well. I left for Hungary on the 17th of July with the 2 boys, this time we flew out from Trieste. It was a long day for us, considering that the flight left at 8.43 AM, and Trieste is 2 hours from here - a positive side of the early departure: by 10 AM we were in Budapest! Unfortunately our first week didn't go well at all, beacsuse Samuele had a mouth infection, he had blisters all over in his mouth and throat. He didn't eat and what is worse, he didn't drink at all. By Thursday we risked to put him on IV in the hospital. But there ARE miracles!!! After those days he was fine and we enjoyed our vacation. Some picture of our days in Polgar:

Anywhere, anytime:

Pufi, everyone's dog:

Our regular walk in the zoo:

Who are in the cage - the ducks or the boys?

In the Archeopark

Horse riding:

In the tower:

The little cat was with them for about 5 seconds (maybe they were too friendly with it?):


At the swimming pool

Dad!!! I am flying!

A real diver...

...is always ready to jump in the water...