Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Salzburg - Switzerland

After our relaxing stay in Hungary we headed toward Austria and Switzerland.
Since 1500 km are way too much for a day for us to travel, we decided to stop for the night.
We stayed at the Thalhammer family near Salzburg. hey have a beautiful, typical austrian house.
It is surrounded with green medaows and pines.
Here is the view from their house:

Next day we woke up early, because we wanted make a super quick visit in Salzburg. We could see only the center and the Mirabell garden but here is the proof that they are beautiful:

Mozart's house

A passway

The Mirabell-garden:

Not everyone can ride a unicorn!

In the rosetunnel

In Switzerland:


Peg and Crew said...

Wowee, Kornelia!! I miss Europe!! It all looks so beautiful, and your hair is sooo long!! Cute!