Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vacation 2008

Coming closer in time to the yearly vacation we have millions of ideas of what to do, where to go, what the kids would like, what we would like... This year we were blessed with receiving 3 free days - Emanuel and Anna (his mother) have got 2 days off from work, so after 4 long years we went to a small vacation, only the 2 of us! nevu kisvarosban foglaltunk az We reserved a room in a hotel, called Albergo Mediterraneo, in Terracina, between Rome and Naples. We were very satisfied with the hotel and highly recommend to anyone! First we visited Gaeta which is a small town about 30 km south from Terracina. It is famous of its "splitted mountain". It has a beautiful beach, the sea is clear and warm, the sand is very fine - it was wonderful to swim and rest after the visit. In the late afternoon we went to the hotel and started to look for a good and not too erxpensive restaurant. We bought the boat tickets for the next day and as the cashier suggested we went to retaurant called Centosedici. For sure it was a good choice!! We loved the pizza and the spaghetti with seafood - we returned also the next day. Here you can check out some of the food. Friday was the highlight of our trip. The isle of Ponza is about 2.5 hours by boat from Terracina. The whole island is a huge piece of rock, there is only 9 km of road on it. We rented a scooter and drove from one lagune to the the other. The view is amazing, the sea is blue, the water is trasparent clear...it is a paradise. One of the interesting things on the island are the natural swimming pools. It is like a cave without the ceiling. To certain places we could go only by boat, but mostly there are countless stairs that lead to the shore. We returned to the hotel exhausted and completely burned - it is the first time in my life. The third day we relaxed and tried to come back to the real world. Here are the pictures, they explain things better than my words (cick on the pictures and you can see them in the original size ):

Between Terracina and Gaeta

On the way to Gaeta

There were 10 cm between the wall and the mirror - on both side.
It is a 2 way street, according the GPS, the best choice!!!
Well, imagine a similar street on the left, 2 cars behind us, 3 in forntz of us and one on the left!!
It took us 20 minutes to escape.

The church of the "splizzed mountain"

Entrance to the mountain

The path in the splitted mountain

According to a legend a turkish sailor
didn't believe that the mountain has splitted
at the crucifixion of Jesus, and whhen he touched it,
it became soft and took upon itself his handprint.

The end of the path

Pictures of Gaeta:

The Tirrenian sea:

The island of Ponza:

The natural swimming pools

A ship under the water

We couldn't go here bacause of the falling rocks