Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Samuele!!!

On the 31st of May Samuele turned 2!! We had a little party for him. He seemed happy and we were very happy for him! He is such a blessing in our life! Thank you, Samuele!

With Pingu, his favorite friend
(unfortunately the cake didn't fit in the fridge, so the colors went all over)

Blowing the candle

With mom and dad
(Giacomo didn't want to participate)

With friends and cousins
From the left: Giulia, Gioele, Freeman, Giacomo, Grace, Matteo, Alessandro

Discovering the granparents' gift

A bicycle!!

How do I look on it??


Peg and Crew said...

fun, thank you!

Kaja said...

that bike looks great! renee is still trying to figure out how to keep moving her legs, she gets distracted too easily..