Thursday, May 8, 2008


Last week (26. April) the weather was so beautiful in morning, that we quickly prepared the kids, some food and we were already out of the house. We decided to visit Sirmione and the lake Garda. It is only a 40 minutes ride by car, plus another 40 minutes to find parking. The children enjoyed all the new things. Here are some pictures and some experiences:

From the parking lot it took 10 minutes to arrive to the lake. There we got on a boat and went to the downtown. Giacomo and Samuele were very happy to be "on the water", even if Samuele was complaining that there was too much wind, on hte other hand, Giacomo was able to see a lot of sharks!!

We also found a brand new, red Ferrari...since we can't afford one, we took some pictures of it...

The lake was one of the greates attraction of the day. Since the boys were craving for some adventure in it, we took off their shoes and socks and let the try the water. Were they happy?... oh, YES!!

And finally, an everyday conversation and its consequences...

Kornelia and Emanuel: Giacomo, stay at the shore!
Giacomo: Yes!
K and E: Giacomoooo! Did you hear what we have said?
Giacomo: Yes!

K and E: Giacomo!!!! Giacomo!!! Don't go further in!!
Giacomo: Mammmma! Now my pants are wet...what should we do? Shall I take them off?


Peg said...

We visited Sirmione when my sister was here, it's beautiful! Giacomo, Giacomo, what ever will we do with you!:)

NancyPancy said...

Very cute family!