Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We didn't disappear...

We didn't disappear, here we are...again. Emanuel was in Paris for a week for work, and I decided to drive down to Terni with the kids. I know, I know, where did I get the courage from to leave...well, if I think a little bit, you are right...6 months ago I didn't even want to think about driving and now here I am driving 500 km by myself with two never stopping boys behind me, at least I am progressing!t So, we are at home again and everything has turned back to the usual ways. Since Emaneul took the camera with him I couldn't take picture, but I can ensure you that we had fun. For example, with grandpa we went to a place where you can fish trouts, then they weight them for you and you pay and you bring them home - and eat them (what a horror), and the kids loved it!

The Eiffel tower

Something else...our artist is now ready to tell the results: the drawing you can see under is a JELLYFISH. To be exact, Giacomo received the inspiration from Spongebob and Sharktale The winners will receive an email! Thank you for partecipating!