Wednesday, October 10, 2007


We would love to see some green around us when we look out the window, but we are on the third floor, and the appartment is facing toward other buildings - so we can't have our view... We have a large balcony though, where I made a VERY SMALL garden for ourselves. I thought that with fall and winter it will be more difficult to fulfill our "dream" and we will have to wait for spring to bring some green and color, but it came to my mind that last year my cyclamen brought lots of flowers throughout the cold months. With this thought and newborn enthusiasm I went to the nearby flower shop to buy some cyclamens. And I did buy...something else. I bought ornamental kale. Two purple ones and a white one - ok, I also bought a cyclamen. I put them in the container and they are doing very well, and I am loving them! I read that they resist very well for cold, so they should be fine this winter. I'm curious to see what is going to happen ...

The ornamental kale

The cyclamen


Peg said...

This is what I need, now I know what flower to try for the cooler months!