Monday, September 3, 2007

Octopus in tomato sauce

While doing grocery shopping last week I found very a nice octopus in a store. It was even cheaper than usual, 9 euros instead of 15. Since everybody in the family (yes, even the kids!!!) likes it, today I made it for lunch. If someone feels like preparing it, go ahead! Even though it looks ugly, it taste "less fishy" than a normal fish. (What an explanation...) Unfortunately there wasn't enough time to take a picture of the prepared was all eaten...
Here is the recipe:


1 octopus (kb 1 kg, the bigger ones will become more tender)
1 bottle or 3 cans of tomatoes (sliced or whole)
1 piece of garlic
3 tbsp of chopped parsley


Defrost the octopus and clean it, if you can, pull of its skin.
Start to cook the tomatoes with the garlic and the salt, when it starts to boil put in it the octopus. You can cook it in a whole or in pieces, as you like it. When it strats to boil again, cook it for 30 minutes, then let it cool down in the sauce. Pour over the parsley before serving. Serve it with cooked pasta.

(If someone is interested in more octopus recipe, let me know!)

Giacomo with the octopus before cooking


Peg said...

ok, Kornelia...I'm certainly not that brave!