Friday, September 14, 2007

Holiday 2007...8th part

The way back seemed to be a bold idea, but it went very smoothly. We left Polgar at 4 AM and decided not to stop for the night, so we went straight to Terni. (How far it is? Around 1500 km? Plus 2 kids...) We arrived at 10 PM, and the long trip went just fine. The children didn't complain, they slept a lot. As you can see below, even the sandwiches with some Hungarian cold cuts were delicous specialities for them.

(Secret: At the end of the trip, around 1 hour before Terni Giacomo started to move continuosly in his seat. So we stopped at Perugia and bought a portable DVD player. It made miracles!!!! Giacomo didn't say a word until we were in the is our best buy in these past few months. I can only recommend it for these kind of travels.)