Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Holiday 2007...5th part

On our holiday we didn't only go to the local thermal bath. We visited the animal park in Miskolc and the four stars Spa in Miskolc-Tapolca. At the animal park Giacomo had a wonderful and also new experience. He went horse riding!! First we thought that he would be afraid, but he climbed up without hesitation. The miracle was that he remained seated!! Unfortunately at this point our camera's battery went off so we couldn't take pictures... We took one earlier of the kangoroos though!! He also loved the goats, he went inside to feed and touch them.

The spa (Barlangfurdo) is a usual stop for us when we are in Hungary. Looking at the pictures you probably understand the why. (For me it is even more special, because I was baptized here 13 years ago!!) If you want to rest, to relax, or simply want to enjoy the warm and cold water, the sauna, the hydrotherapy, etc., then you have to "stop by" once you are there. It is inside of a natural cave and the water comes from it. About the quality of the water and the various therapies you can read here, there are also some nice pictures, too. The outside part has 3 new children swimming pool with various toys. You can also find a deep swimming pool and the so called "shell pool". These two are open all year long. I think I prefer to go to this spa in wintertime, because from the inside lobby I can see the trees covered with snow while I am in swimming suit - running after my children. I can enjoy the warm water massaging my back, and at the same time if I am brave enough I can go outside in the minus 20 degrees in the shell pool and sit down in the steaming water looking at the snow around is fantastic!!

This time it was summer, and we had a lot of fun! Samuele crolled after swimming for 30 minutes and he slep for 1 hour on my aunt's tummy. In the cave there was a current for 15 minutes in every hour. I am not sure who enjoyed it more - us or the kids. We put them in their ring, we grabbed them and enjoyed the fast current. It was a cool experience!