Monday, September 3, 2007

Holiday 2007...4th part

The following week we spent in Polgar where my aunt's mother-in-law has a small house. It was perfect for us, because it is close to everything important, it has a garden - we even brought with us the small swimming pool. Polgar is a small town - to me it still seems like a village - between Miskolc and Debrecen. From Budapest there is a direct highway to it. It has a thermal bath, with warm water, which is good for any kind of locomotor disorder. The water is dark brown, 36 Celsius warm and odourless. Since it is small and not very well known, it is never crowded. We were though "regulars" at the thermal bath - and that made the kids very happy! Samci learned in a few days that he has to lift up his head and put down his hands if he is falling. Giacomo really enjoyed the slide that was between the two pools. For lunch we went home (5 minutes walking), we took a nap and if we felt like it, we returned - with the same ticket!! It costs: 2 euros, non not 20, two euros! We also got a massage. It lasted 45 minutes...guess how much it costs...9 euros!!! Where else can you do this?

The day after our arrival, when I woke up in the morning I found a surprise: from the other room my sister, Eszter stepped out. She came from England with Isabelle. Unfortunately we couldn't meet his husband, Chris, because he arrived the day after our leaving.