Saturday, September 1, 2007

Holiday 2007...3rd part

Giacomo loves fishes regardless of the color, kind, measure...only one thing counts: it has to be a fish. Knowing this we couldn't miss going to the Tropicarium. When he saw the wall decoration at the entrance (obviously fishes) he started to imitate them with his mouth (and this lasted the WHOLE time!!). The crocodile was a little bit frightening for him, but since it didn't move he was fine with it.
The main attraction of course was the underwater tunnel. Exactly when we entered, a huge ray swam over us scaring Giacomo. He wanted to turn back but when he saw that there are fishes ALL OVER, he decided to stay. He also loved the clownfishes' aquarium. Pointing out to each fish he said: "This one is Nemo, this one is Nemo...!" How many fishes were there????

With the clownfishes

Since the Tropicarium is in Budapest, for the joy of the kids the Hungarian grandpa came with us. Fortunately we were in three - it is hard to keep an eye (6 eyes) on the 2 boys when they are happy and excited seeing the beautiful fishes.

With Nonno

To be cont.