Friday, September 14, 2007

Giacomo's week

This week we had 2 very important events. On Monday Giacomo went to kindergarden! We were hoping that the transition would go well, and until now it seems perfect. He didn't cry (I did), he had big eyes when he entered his classroom, and he tried the children-sized toilet right away. His sign is the washing machine! On these pictures he is shoing his favorite feeder before leaving.

The other very important event occured on Tuesday, when Giacomo became 3 years old! The day before we went to a huge toystore, and he could choose 2 toys - maybe it was already a present to bring him there and let him look around, he seemed to be in paradise! He chose a puzzle with Nemo's father and Dory on it (NB! it is for 9 years and older, 200 pieces, but he is doing it very well...a couple of weeks and we can buy another one), the other toy is Spiderman on his motocycle, that goes in every direction and it even has a light!



Peg said...

what a great SMILE! Love these shots!