Saturday, September 1, 2007

Holiday 2007...2nd part

At the end of July the day had finaly come: Emanuel was really on holiday!!! We had our first summer together in 2004, but with my huge tummy and with Giacomo in it we stayed at home in Terni. We moved up to Vicenza in May 2005, so when summer arrived Emanuel didn't have free days from his work - yet. In May 2006 Samuele was born, so the lack of our vacation that year is "his fault". After all this we had to wait for 2007. We chose the last 2 weeks of July for this event. We left at 4 am, and we took the usual route: Vicenza, Udine, we decided to drive toward Vienna, then Gyor, Budapest, God. We spent 3 days with Ildiko and Laci, and we had so much fun. It was so good to see the 4 kids (two of them are theirs!!) as they were playing together!

Giacomo and Barnabas - two serious drivers

Samci and Julcsi are becoming friends...

As part of our stay at God we went down to Eloszallas to visit the Meszaros family. Here Giacomo became a real farmer! Finally his dream came through and he could get on a real tractor! Look at his "contadino" smile. He is even missing a tooth!


To be cont.


Peg said...

Did you drive? How long did it take you?

Kornelia es Emanuel said...

Yes, we went by car. To Budapest it is around 900 km. If you go through Vienna you have highway all the way and it takes 9-10 hours. There is a shorter way through small villages in Hungary. Even though it is 200 km shorter, it takes the same time.